Bicep and Pec Pop Worship 2013 2
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Bicep And Pec Pop Worship


Bicep And Pec Pop Worship
Run time 10 minutes +


Product Description

Get to see the hottest Bicep & Pec Popping muscle worship online, from this video from the early days of Flexbeach. Take a look at how Adam from Flexbeach looked way back in early 2013 in this muscle worship video.

In this muscle worship video, get to see the muscle hunk of Flex Beach hitting some of his most flattening poses, and doing it in a confident and cocky way.

Start to satisfy your muscle worship desires as you watch this muscle stud flexing his biceps. From relaxed to fully contracted bicep peaks. Not only does this hunk make his biceps peak, he even goes one step further and kisses them for you. How about that for bicep’s popping?

This hot muscle cam video also showcases some pec popping. In a methodical manner, keeping you hanging on and on for the next pec pop. Forget about murder on the dance floor, as this pec dancing takes centre stage.

Treat yourself to this hot video today, you deserve it.


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