Detention With Muscle Flexing Preview 1
Detention With Muscle Flexing Preview 1Detention With Muscle Flexing Preview 2Detention With Muscle Flexing Preview 3

Detention With Muscle


Run Time – 20:18

Dominant & Cocky Talk With Flexing.


Product Description

You’ve been a bad boy. A very bad boy. There is only fitting punishment for your bad deeds. Detention with a Muscle God like myself.

Get this 20 minute muscle worship video today, to see me hold detention.

In this muscle worship video, see me in my office shirt, but only after i’ve verbally abused you.

As the dominant beast that I am, get spoken to like you are an insignificant inconvenience to me.

As the verbal & dominant attitude gets turned up, I start to get more cocky, slowly teasing you as i strip down from my clothes to reveal my huge, bouncing pecs.

See it all in this video.


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