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Dominant & Cocky Bicep Kissing & Flexing – 2013


Run Time – 9:40

SKU: DCF2013

Product Description

Warning… HOT bicep kissing & bicep flexing alert!

In this super sexy bicep kissing video (filmed way back in 2013) get to see me, acting as a dominant & cocky bicep muscle hunk. In this muscle worship video, get to see me flexing my biceps, as I start wearing a tight fitting t-shirt.

After stretching the sleeves around my huge biceps, i turn the muscle worship & bicep worship up a notch. The flexing becomes hotter as i begin to kiss my biceps. The bicep kissing in this muscle worship video can be summed up in one sentence.

The guns are on show, and ready for you to blow.

But don’t peak too early!

Shortly after I engage in some hot bicep kissing (which I just KNOW you’ll love), I get topless, and show off the rest of my physique.

Watch as i hit some of the staple bodybuilding poses in this video.

The bicep kissing turns from a sleeve hugging bicep flex show, to topless double bicep flexing.

This is a must see video for any fans of bodybuilders flexing their biceps. If you enjoy bicep worship, then this muscle worship video is for you.

How about picking this video up, and mimicking my bicep kissing moves? Flex your bicep as I flex mine. Kiss your bicep, as i begin bicep kissing. All the while, pretending you’re kissing mine.

What are you waiting for? Get it for just $19.99 now!

Run Time – 9:40


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