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Giant Muscle Worship Debut


Giant Muscle Worship
Approx Run Time – 10 mins


Product Description

Do you feel small when admiring your favourite bodybuilders, or muscle hunks? Do you like to feel powerless when engaging in muscle worship? Do you like to be laughed at?

If you answered yes, to even just one of those questions, then this Giant fetish muscle worship video is for you.

Fittingly named “Giant Muscle Worship Debut”, this muscle worship video was the first Giant style video Adam of produced.

If you’re an average guy, who looks small in comparison to a bodybuilder, then this GIANT fetish muscle worship video is going to make you even smaller.

This muscle worship video has you, the little viewer, admiring a true muscle giant. Watch this video as you get tossed around, moved about, as you are just a play thin for this muscle giant.

This friendly muscle giant will fulfill all of your muscle worship fantasies.

Not only is this a Giant worship video, but you also get to see some signature bodybuilding posing, and a trip to the Giants’ bicep peaks!



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