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Gym Bad Talk – Bicep & Leg Flexing


Gym Bad Talk – Bicep & Leg Flexing
Approx Run Time – 11 Minutes


Product Description

Here is another muscle worship video from the early days of Flex Beach. This particular video was one of the earlier cocky & dominating flexing videos that was produced. Not only do you get to see super hot biceps being flexed (all for your muscle worship pleasures), in a super tight t-shirt. You also get to see some HUGE quads on display in tight, stripey boxer shorts.

The thing that really sets this entire muscle worship video off is seeing a hot hunk flexing in such a domineering and confident manner. If you like to be made to feel like a bitch, and worship a muscle God, then you’ll want to see this super hot muscle worship video.

Things start off upstairs, with some single bicep flexing, muscle slapping, and moves onto double bicep flexing.

Just when you think you’ve had enough though, the muscle hunk turns the camera south and shows off some HUGE quads.

If quads and big legs are your area of pleasure, then this is a must see.

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