Too big for jeans muscle worship
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Too Big For Jeans – HUGE QUAD Muscle Worship


Run Time 10:13


Product Description

Get the Too Big for jeans muscle worship today!

In this muscle worship video, rightfully entitled “HOT Bodybuilder Too Big For Jeans”, you’ll see an awesome display of a bulked up version of myself, showing off my entire body, with a strong emphasis on allowing you to worship my huge quads.

In this muscle worship video, I show off my muscle in a mass gain phase, meaning i look bigger, better (and sexier) than ever.

In this video, I show off my huge muscular quads, with a cocky, dominant and alpha attitude. Stripping down from a gym vest, to just my boxers. I show exactly why my huge muscular thighs are too big to fit into jeans.

If you’re a fan of muscle worship, huge quads, muscular quads, huge thighs or sexy legs from a bodybuilder, this video is for you.


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